About us

Here is what precisely TECONIT stands for:

Top services and top quality is our target level of performance. One of TECONIT top values is reliability, which removes the burden of many operational details from our Customers busy schedules.

Engineering – Our core engineering fields are welding, construction / erection and quality engineering. Our experts hold internationally recognized accreditation in their respective fields. To be in-line with Top commitment of TECONIT, our engineers are urged and given opportunities for continuous improvement.

Consultancy accompanies and whenever necessary replaces engineering and other TECONIT services. Our clients decide what they need and we are always there to perform. Consultancy services can be for selecting best methodologies for Equipment and Piping Erection, Maintenance activities, setting up Quality Management Systems as per ISO 9001 requirements or Welding Management / Control Systems as per applicable standards. If you need to set up a welding or coating shop according to European codes, we are here to help. If you need to license your production shop or products to Euronorms (required for obtaining CE marking) or GOST (Russian) standards or even obtain rights to use ASME stamps for your end product – we can help!

Our consultancy services extend beyond our core engineering fields, as such we are bridging potential investors with opportunities in countries where we are established in a form of a business or a rep. office. Read more about it in Trade section.

International is our nature. With our head office being in The Netherlands we are represented currently in Belgium, Norway, Germany, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Malasia, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

Trade is a natural necessity, without which humanity would not survive. This also applies to businesses in any industry. Clients appreciate our efforts to help them procure required materials and equipment for running their projects. Using our global network of representatives and partners we became a link between manufacturers and end users of a diverse spectrum of goods and products. Ranging from complex equipment systems to individual components, we do not brush off any call for help of our Clients.

As part of our Consultancy services we also consultants in Trade. In our local representation centres we have the insider information for any field of industry (including agriculture and trade) that may be of investor interest.